Open for holidays

Summer is here!

Yes, you read that correctly: Summer. Because, although we are at the beginning of May, summer is  what comes to mind to everyone in Ibiza.

We see young visitors arriving suitcase in hand and full of energy, willing to give their best, be it cooking as a chef, dancing at a nightclub or pouring champagne to beach club patrons.

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It is true that «Ibiza» is the reference in leisure and holidays. Nevertheless, these last years Ibiza has undergone a transformation, or maybe an adaptation, to become something beyond its partying scene. It has become the meeting point for famous brands, events and tradeshows, and it offers new spaces for businesses, and for the profitable side of the island.

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Ibiza in winter - Podium News

Ibiza in winter

A few months have gone by since the clubs and beach restaurants closed, and the yachts that were anchored around the coves have disappeared from Ibiza. We discover a new island every day that goes by, and we realize that we love Ibiza in winter.

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