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The magic island of the Mediterranean

Its nature, magical and intense, has attracted many cultures that have shaped this island’s traditions. Originally known as “Isla Pitiusa” due to its incredible lush pine forests and nowadays called “Isla Blanca”, it has been home to different cultures and races, creating connexions and sharing knowledge among them until becoming a unique meeting point full of exclusive experiences.

Its white houses and green forests stand on the pure red earth that defines the island, and create a backdrop that many artists have used in their works.

The sixties was the decade when these islands were revisited and salvaged from the past thanks to the hippie culture. Ibiza resurfaced as a fashionable destination and as the home of an educated and free-spirited generation. And thus the legend of the magical island was born…

This culture based on knowledge, freedom, art, fun and communication has lasted until today in Ibiza. Its beaches, people, clubs, nightclubs, sunsets, events and cuisine still share the essence of that magic.


Nowadays, Ibiza attracts visitors and cultures from all over the world who come looking for new experiences. There is no doubt that Ibiza sets the standard when it comes to clubbing and electronic music. The best clubs and the most coveted DJs from all over the world can be found here. This contrast has also made of Ibiza the most esteemed destination when it comes to new trends and fashion, thanks to the diverse origins of its visitors.

But partying is not everything. There is also a different side of the island: calm, relaxed and full of unique experiences.

This wealth of culture and nature goes hand in hand with its celebrated Mediterranean cuisine. Your five senses will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the island.

At Podium® we want to take care of your holidays and relax from the moment you arrive until your departure. Our team of professionals know the most exclusive spots and services and can tailor them to your needs.

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